Beauty Detox Series

Welcome to the Beauty Detox Series. If you are wondering, what the difference is between a “Beauty Detox” and “Detox”, well this blog series is just for you. The process of detoxing is defined as a way to help our bodies eliminate “toxins” that find their way into our bodies through pollution and nutrition. Whilst the “detox debate” on whether or not our bodies need detoxification continues, numerous reports have highlighted the existence of “toxic” substances in our everyday beauty products.

A Beauty Detox is a process of eliminating “toxic” ingredients in a beauty routine by avoiding or limiting the use of these ingredients found in beauty products. Sounds simple, right? Well with over 82,000 ingredients used in beauty products, a Beauty Detox can be time-consuming and frustrating. The natural and organic movement has helped in narrowing down some truly great products out there; however, how natural are your beauty products? Are they truly organic? What does that even mean?

In this series, we explore the concept of a Beauty Detox and we have a 6 blog post series lined up for you to help you navigate all things Beauty Detox helping you to start on a journey to a healthier and a more beautiful you. Check out the series lineup below and be sure to click that subscribe button for notification when each article is available:
Part 1 – Why a Beauty Detox?
Part 2 – Natural and Organic, What is the difference?
Part 3 – 3 Ingredients to eliminate for a healthier you.
Part 4 – What’s in the bottle? How to identify what is in your beauty products.
Part 5 – Quality vs Quantity. How to Beauty Detox on a budget.
Part 6 – Beauty Detox resources for further reading