Beauty Detox Series: Part 1 – Why a Beauty Detox?

There are possibly over 82,000 ingredients that can be used in beauty product formulations. These ingredients can range from natural, natural derivatives to synthetic and with so many possibilities, it shouldn’t have come as surprise to me that some ingredients in my beauty products could be “toxic”.

I made the discovery, roughly ten years ago, as I was researching a health condition which I suffered badly from and while investigating the possible cause of this health condition, I found out how “toxic” beauty ingredients could be contributing to my health problem. I was shocked. Most of the ingredients listed as “toxic”, I could immediately identify in every product in my bathroom. I was shattered. At first I wasn’t sure if I should toss out every body lotion, lip balm, hair moisturizer or eye shadow. I was a mess. However, as soon as I calmed down, I realized I needed to change my beauty routine and thus started my Beauty Detox.

A Beauty Detox is simply a way of becoming an aware beauty consumer. It helps you be more informed about your beauty products, their basic formulation and whether these products do more good to your overall health. The benefits of a Beauty Detox are that once you know what goes into your products, you are able to make better choices when you buy a beauty product. You empower yourself with the basic understanding of whether a product will effectively address a beauty issue and more importantly that your health won’t be affected without you knowing.

The top three benefits from detoxing your beauty routine are as follows:

  • Health – A Beauty Detox helps you to take responsibility of your own health by identifying petrochemicals, cancer causing carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptors that can harm than heal. As an example, I used to suffer from very dry skin and eliminating petrochemicals from my beauty routine, I now no longer suffer from dry skin, especially during winter.
  • Knowledge – A Beauty Detox comes with knowing what your beauty ingredient does. Once you start eliminating the bad stuff, you naturally gravitate to learning more about the good stuff. You find yourself identifying main ingredients as opposed to supporting ingredients and this knowledge empowers you to make better product choices. In this case, knowledge truly becomes power!
  • Cost Saving – A Beauty Detox ultimately puts more money in your pocket. As an aware beauty consumer, you are able to asses your beauty product promises. You get to learn how to differentiate between products that work and products full of fluff. This awareness helps you stay clear of products with empty promises and hefty price tags. Instead, you are able to identify quality ingredients that will keep you beautiful and healthy.

Are you considering a Beauty Detox? Have you started on Beauty Detox? Let me know what your experience or thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for our next post Part 2 – Natural and Organic, What is the difference?

To dream the sustainable dream…

Sustainability, one of the many words that give me goosebumps. I am not kidding. I am truly obsessed. Some might even say possessed! I dream about sustainability and I try as much as possible to manifest this dream each and every day, especially in everything that is created here at Afro Amour.

Globally, there are varying definitions of what  sustainability means, with my favorite definition of Sustainability defined as “doing things that heal rather than injure, help rather than destroy, and at the heart of this whole idea is the notion of doing no harm, but rather doing something positive and helpful”  Therefore, sustainability to me is the conscious act of choosing a long-term view over convenience .

Sustainability in the world of beauty is synonymous with “organic” or green,  with green products using natural ingredients produced from renewable raw materials. Afro Amour products are not only natural and organic but have been created with the main purpose that beauty products should not only address superficial beauty, beauty products should work in harmony with our bodies and the Earth, this wonderful place we call home. Sustainability, our obsession, our goal, today for tomorrow.

Why is this important to you? The simple answer is that our lives today have been filled with so much instant gratification, I’m talking fast food, fast cars, fast money, fast beauty, even fast love. We don’t want to wait anymore. Waiting is a time waster and everything needs to come now and it better be good. Dammit, it better be good. But, why should you settle for just good? Why not choose great? I know, I know, because greatness takes time, greatness takes longer, greatness is not instantaneous.

I challenge myself every day to choose sustainability, it is not easy. However, the rewards are greater and more fulfilling than a fast food cardboard burger.  In the meantime, I continue to dream of a world where beauty products are created with the health motive instead of the profit motive where beauty products are a holistic solution, providing beauty not only for today but for prosperity. I dream of a world where beauty is sustainable. always…

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Welcome: the Afro Amour experience

In September 2014, Afro Amour opened for business. The goal was to create an African brand which provides effective hair and beauty products without the use of toxic ingredients. We wanted our products to not only give you beautiful results but safe to use and environmentally friendly.  A tall order we know, however three years on and we are still going strong with a renewed commitment towards this goal.  Check out our welcome video on the official Afro Amour YouTube channel. Enjoy!